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Church Founder David Masui

増井誠太 名誉牧師


Born in Aichi Prefecture. After graduating from high school, he traveled to the U.S. and studied at Seitan Life Bible School in Los Angeles. After graduation, he returned to Japan. In 1966 he was licensed as a minister of Hakodate Zion Church. He has planted churches in Hirosaki, Sapporo, Nanae, and other cities. In1998 he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel in the United States. In 2002 he was awarded a commendation from the Japanese Minister of Justice for his 44 years of service in prison ministry where he did visitation and counseling of prisoners. In recognition of these achievements, in 2013 he was awarded with a Medal of Honor by the Emperor of Japan.

KAZUKO 2021.jpg


Born in Tokyo. In 1992 she became a licensed minister at Hakodate Zion Church, in recognition of work begun in her 40s in women’s ministry—leading women to Christ, discipling them, and also providing leadership training for women. Beginning in 2000, for 17 years she pastored the Hirosaki Zion Church, while actively encouraging and supporting the Hakodate Zion Church, alongside her husband David Masui. Her hobbies are gardening and cooking.

Pastor Kay Masui

増井一子 牧師

ASAKO 2021.jpg


Born in Hakodate. Joined the Gospel Choir and started attending Hakodate Zion Church while a high school student. After graduation from high school, she studied at Bible School before marrying Yo Masui. In 2019 she became an Assistant Pastor at Hakodate Zion. Her passion is teaching women how to enhance their natural beauty and helping women discover their true worth. Her hobbies are cosmetics and singing.

Assistant Pastor Asako Masui

増井麻子 牧師

MICHAEL 2021.jpg

Missionary Michael Williams

マイケル ウィリアムズ 宣教師


Born in Hollywood, California. Began performing music at the age of 12. At the age of 17, he joined a singing/dancing group called “Young Americans.” When he was 22, he performed in Westside Story, The Sound of Music, and other Broadway Musicals. Also a singer/songwriter, he has won six awards at the American Songwriters Festival. At the age of 26, he received a calling to missions and in 1998, he moved to Japan as a missionary. In addition to teaching English, he also does music ministry, including outreach concerts and Gospel-style music workshops. In September, 2002, his album, “Heart of Love” was released. In December, 2004, his second album, “Look Up” was released.

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